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    Life insurance

    The pandemic has changed many things for a different field, be it sports, entertainment, news, or business. Though the coronavirus has unfolded many disasters, giving us endless lessons to be safe and secure. It has unleashed many, which is the best monthly investment plan in India.

    Going through the disaster, the most important part was the lack of money and the source. Presenting you the best investment plans In India 2020.

    Unit Linked Insurance Plan

    Also goes by ULIP has proved to be one of the best investment plans with high returns. It is a multi-faceted life insurance plan. This is a smart combination of life insurance and investment. If you are investing in ULIP, it will require you to regularly make premium payments.

    Depending on the amount and the period. You need to be regular. These payments will cover your life insurance too. Another part of your payments will be pooled with the other policy holder’s assets. And then, it will be invested in a financial instrument, be it equity or debt.

    ULIP provides you with the greatest opportunity to invest in equity, balanced funds, and debt. This can become your long-term investment returns. You can also choose to invest in different fund options. It will all be dependent on your risk and objective plans.

    It facilitates you to use a ULIP calculator. By using this, you can have an estimate of your premium payable towards the given plan and the expected profit returns. These are the best investment plan with high return. There is some benefits plan for you to understand ULIP better:

    1. Market Linked Returns
    2. Life Protection with savings
    3. Flexibility level paying Premiers

    Public Provident Fund

    This is a very popular investment scheme, which marks the best investment plans in India 2020. This has many multiple investor-friendly features that will give you a long-term investment plan. This is perfect for individuals who want to earn high with a stable return. The best feature of a PPF account that you can safely keep your principal amount.

    This scheme is perfect for people who want to take less risk. These plans are verified by the government, making them more stable and trustworthy. It also gives you a guarantee to protect the financial needs of the people. The funds you invest here are safe, and the account is not market linked either. Making your amount safe.

    Investors can diversify their financial and investment plans by undertaking the public provident fund. Even at times of downswing of the business cycle, investors will get a stable return. Creating a PPF account is the best investment plan in India 2020.

    • Benefits of PPF scheme

    The income tax exemptions are applicable only on the invested principal amount in a PPF account. The whole amount of investment can be claimed for tax waiver under section 80C of the income tax Act 1961. Also, the total principal to be invested in one financial year cannot exceed 1.5 lakh.

    Mutual funds

    This is the best plan to invest your money. A mutual fund provides you with an open-end, professionally regulated investment fund. In this kind of fund, money from different people is pooled together to make security. Mutual fund investors can be institutional or retail. The benefits of a mutual fund are they include different economies, with diversification, liquidity it proves to be the best plan to invest your money this year. There will be professional management, though it will come with mutual fund fees and expenses fees.

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    The principal investment is known as money market funds. Also known as stock or fixed income funds. Funds are categorized as index funds. This will match the index performance. Hedge funds, on the other hand, are funds that cannot be sold to the general people.

    Bank Fixed Deposits

    This being the best and long-term plan for anyone living in India. Here banks provide different fixed deposit schemes. Providing investors with a higher rate as compared to the savings account until the maturity date. It will not require creating another account.

    You can create a fixed deposit and start investing your money. Fixed deposits are provided by several banks with different rates. You can check out the rates and decide like-wise. Some banks provide some special benefits to the FD holders, like loans against FD certificates. Banks can lessen the interest rates given the economic condition.

    The interest rates vary from 4 to 7.50%. However, the tenure can vary from 7 to 15 and 45 days. It can go up to 10 years. These are safer than post office schemes since they are guarded by the deposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation. Also known as DICGC. However, DICGC guarantees amount only up to Rs 500000. They also offer Tax benefits.

    Post office monthly income scheme

    Post office monthly deposit schemes offer fixed returns on people's investments. These schemes provide several benefits and are tied up with a sovereign guarantee, which means the government is backing up the given investment.

    And so making these schemes a safer investment plan as compared to other fixed-income plans. Other plans such as post office recurring deposit, post office time deposit, and post office savings account, post office time deposit are one of the most earned schemes, carrying an average rate of 7.6%. These schemes are safe and secure and backed up by the Ministry of Finance.

    You can easily open a post office monthly income scheme account; it is simple and hassle-free. You need to have a post office savings account. You can open a post office account and carry on with the procedure. If you do not have a post office account, then you need to follow this given procedure:

    Collect a POMIS form from the nearest post office

    Submit the form with the given documents- Photocopy of address proof, photocopy of ID proof and 2 passport-sized photos.

    Submit only the original documents, as mentioned above.

    Collect signatures of witnesses.

    These are the best investment plan with high return; you can start your investment with any of the above plans to gain more profit and a great future ahead. These schemes mark the best plans for 2021. Given the many benefits and opportunities, investment in these plans can gain you more profit this year.


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