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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    Saving money is always important; it can be a small amount of Rs 500 to a higher of 10,000. After starting to earn, the first thing a person should do is save money. At least a few amounts apart from the expenditures. There are different ways to save money. It can be a traditional method to save in the banks. Another way is that you can invest. The best part of investments is the returns are higher than saving in the banks. Banks interest is less compared to the different easy ways to invest in stocks and mutual funds.

    How to invest 1000 rupees per month?

    As few returns on investing can give high returns without much loss. It is best to select anyone from the following.

    • Stocks

    Are you thinking about where to invest 1000 Rs to earn more? Stocks are the best place to find high returns. It is a market that comprises large stocks which can be of high prices to the lowest price. But before starting investing, always do look for a broker who can do the work for you. At an early stage dealing with stocks can be difficult. So, hire an agent, also purchase the well-known stock to avoid any problems of market risks.

    • Mutual Fund

    You can start in a mutual fund with an amount of Rs 500 to 1000. The returns are high that can be diluted after comparing with the direct investments of the stocks. There are different categories in which an investor can invest with SIP and invest 1000 per month for 5 years. It is perfect for regular or monthly investments.

    • Public Provident Fund

    The ideal investments can start with a minimum of Rs. 500. From young learners to experience earner trust on the PPF investments. It is because of the security of the money under the Government of India. People can invest for more than five years and use them whenever they need them in emergencies. It has a lock-in period of 15 years which ensures a large amount of money to return with the investments.

    • Recurring

    Best for beginners, those who do not want to face any risks factors relating to the savings. Recurring is the best Investment under any bank; all you need to have an account for saving the money. Each month the specific amount will be deposited into the account without any hassle. Continuing it will provide a better return as an investor.

    • National savings

    If you have a post office nearby, it can be the best Investment known as NSC savings. The period is five years which is a fixed income investment that fits from the small investors to the mid investors. Those who have low income can easily find some returns from the national savings. It is a kind of Fixed deposits that a person will be able to get after completing five years of Investment. Those who exceed 1.5 lakhs can earn a tax exemption on showing it.

    Where to Invest Rs 1000  to earn more? 

    Are you looking to invest less and earn high? Then a mutual fund is the best to invest. It allows us to invest a minimum of 1000 and keep earning, without any risk of losing money. Often people find it secured to keep the money in saving accounts and are happy with their interests. But comparatively mutual fund enables us to earn with the Systematic Investment Plans. You can choose to invest every month or invest a lumpsum amount for one time. The different funds which allow investing 1000 rs to earn greater are:

    1. Equity Funds
    2. Large-cap funds
    3. Liquids funds
    4. Mid-cap funds
    5. Corporate bonds

    Invest 1000 per month for next five years without any fail.

    It isn't easy to find out the best options for saving their money and earning at the same time. But the SIP, mutuals provides high returns after a couple of months of investments. Investors who are not ready to face any problems or risk per market conditions can look for the Pubic provident fund recurring deposits for five years. Each month an amount of 1000 will be deposited into the account by the investor. It is free from any market risks, but the returns are comparatively lower than the earlier investments.

    What can I do with 1000 Rupees?

    For young investors, it isn't easy to find high investing sectors. But they start with just rupees 1000 invest it with high returns or fewer returns. Those who are not ready to take risks on market conditions should not opt for stocks and mutual funds. And you have to wait for some time to evaluate some high returns. Often due to the market circumstances, the rise may not be seen, while it may decrease on the other side. You have to wait unless the value rises with good returns.

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    On the other hands, Recurring and PPF are the two best ways to invest money. The principal amount and interests are safe without any problems. All you need to select the months to invest. It can be for one year to 5 years for both PPF and recurring.

    Where to invest 1000 per month for one year?

    A public provident fund is the best place for investing money. A person can invest and earn an interest of  7.1 %  on the investments. The best part of the Investment, it provides the tax exemption. It is to the amount of 1.5 lakhs by the Government of India. Apart from it, the Post office term deposit is one of the traditional methods of investing money. SIP investments start from the minimum of Rs 100, so a person can earn after investing for one year an amount of 1000.

    Often youngsters are confused about what should they do to invest 1000 per month for 1 year? Both private and government banks are providing scopes to invest. And earn the best returns from the minimum amount.



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